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TVCconnect addresses the learning needs of members by facilitating knowledge sharing. It takes advantage of individual strengths & create environments with opportunities for reflection.

A Fun way to learn

If you find learning boring, make it fun in your own way by joining our online interactive learning Community! TVCconnect helps you find ways to improve learning through social networking and yes, even fun. Sign up to get started.


TVCconnect feature a Professional weekly that mentors members on career paths, real life issues and business decision making. Sign up to get started.


TVCconnect feeds you with latest trending topics  from the home front and the international sphere at large allowing you share your thoughts. Sign up to get started.


TVCconnect avails you the opportunity to meet like minds, grow and share ideas. You can explore the interactive and unique rank system that allows you moderate your own group.

Search Resources

On TVCconnect, resources are available at your finger tips. Are you a student, employed or unemployed ? there will always be a resource that will be of great help.